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What to wear to the polo

With the Polo International Test Match hosted by Windsor Polo Club only a few weeks away, I thought it was time to share my tips for entering the Fashions on the Field. Unlike spring racing fashion, a day out at the polo is more about understated elegance and practicality. Think stylish picnic meets garden party.


Although it is quite the norm to wear white to the polo, don’t shy away from wearing a bold colour or a vivid print. Choose dresses or skirts in light floaty fabrics, or go for a relaxed tailored look. Jumpsuits, shorts, and pants are all appropriate attire. Avoid tight constrained pieces, black and dark colours.


A must have item for your outdoor polo event is a wide-brimmed sun hat – fedora, Panama, or boater, you name it the straw hat will instantly elevate your look. A large straw hat not only looks fantastic but helps to protect you from the sun all day.

Can’t find the right hat to complete your look? Contact me to discuss a bespoke hat for the event.


Flats, a block heel or wedges are all good options for stamping the divots and won’t let you sink into the grass. Think espadrilles or chunky sandals. 


Sunglasses are a must at the polo – protect your eyes and avoid squinting the whole day with some fashionable eye wear.

Make a statement with some big earrings or a fabulous handbag.

The polo is a daytime event so makeup should reflect that.

Lastly, dress for the weather, have a lightweight jacket on hand and umbrella in case it rains.