Pink duchess cocktail hat by Sydney milliner Abigail Fergusson Millinery

The position of a hat or headpiece is important to make sure it looks its best and is comfortable to wear.

Traditionally, women’s hats were worn tipped to the right-hand side of the head, just above the right eyebrow, however, these days it is more important to consider hair parting, hair style and the preference of the wearer when deciding on how to wear a hat. Hats generally look best when worn at a dramatic angle, just above the eyebrow. If the hat has a brim, it is flattering if the brim cuts across the face. Please use the images on the website as a reference.

The way the headpiece or hat secures to the head is advised in each product description. Attachment options can vary and include a hat elastic that is worn behind the head, headband or comb depending on the style of the piece. Elastics come in a range of tonal colours to suit the wearer’s hair colour. Hair combs are best secured into slightly backcombed hair.

Make sure your piece is comfortable to wear. Check the hat elastic is not too tight, and it can be secured comfortably to your head without sliding around.

If you are visiting the studio, you can also take a photo of yourself in the hat or headpiece when purchasing it, so you can remember how to position it when getting ready on the day.

If you are having your hair done for the occasion, take your hat or headpiece along with you to the hairdresser. They will be able to fit and secure the hat perfectly.

If you would like to try on some hats and headpieces for your next special occasion, you can make an appointment to visit the studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches by either using the contact form or emailing us at