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Hat Etiquette for Weddings

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A hat is a very special fashion accessory that elevates an outfit.

Typically brides will opt for headpieces or veils at weddings, but as a family member or guest, what better occasion than a wedding to dress to the nines from head to toe!

Here are my tips on hat etiquette at weddings:

  • The golden rule is that no one’s hat should be larger than the mother of the brides’ hat, as guests should never outshine the wedding party.
  • Opt for a hat colour and style that compliments your outfit. Buying a dress first and then having a bespoke hat made is a common way to achieve this.
  • The time of day of the wedding should influence your choice of headwear. The size of the hat should decrease as the day progresses. A large hat is best worn at day time weddings when the sun shines the brightest, whilst cocktail pieces are more suited for late afternoon or evening weddings.
  • If you are wearing a big, large brim hat then it may be a good idea to take the hat off indoors, so as to not obscure the view of people sitting near you!
  • Traditionally, when the mother of the bride takes her hat off, then it’s a signal for everyone else to. This would normally be after the meal when the men would take off their jackets. But for less formal weddings, ladies can remove their hats after the ceremony. However, the modern view is that a woman need not remove her hat at all, as it is considered to be an integral part of the outfit.
  • Ask the photographer to kindly remind guests to adjust their hats for group photographs so that their faces are clearly visible.

The most important thing is that you should wear what makes you feel confident! Check out my other posts on how to choose a style and also how to wear a hat.