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Lala + Pippi Kids Sun Hats

lala + pippi kids sun hats handmade in sydney Sydney Milliner hatmaker Abigail Fergusson

It is with great excitement that I share with you the launch of my new range of children’s sun hats, Lala + Pippi.

As a mum of two small children, I know how hard it is to keep a hat on a child’s head but I also understand the importance of protecting their delicate young skin from Australia’s harsh sun. So I created Lala + Pippi sun hats which are both fun yet functional which I hope get your kids as excited about wearing hats as mine.

Who are Lala + Pippi? Lala + Pippi are my eldest daughter’s imaginary friends who would always join us on our outdoor adventures.

Lala + Pippi sunhats are designed to protect your child’s face, neck, nose and ears from the sun’s UV by way of a broad brim.

Each hat is lovingly handmade by me in my studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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